Setting up Staff & Client Logins

Setting up Staff & Client Logins

Creating a new staff login/account

The staff's profile will need to be added before you can issue them an account.
  1. To add a staff
  1. Click Settings from the navigation bar
  2. Next click Security > User Accounts

  3. The User Accounts page will default to users who currently have logins. You'll need to clear the "Has Permission" filter by clicking the "x" to display users who's accounts haven't been set up.

  4. Next, select a single staff or multiple staff, and click Assign Office(s) & Roles in the top left corner.
  5. Choose the staff's role and what office you'd like to assign them to, and click Save to confirm the changes.
  6. An email with account set up instructions will then be sent to the selected staff. 

Creating a New Client Login/Account

Creating an account for your client/parents is simple.
  1. Navigate to the Client's profile.
  2. Click the edit icon in the Contacts card.

  3. Check to see that there is an email on file.
  4. Check the Client Portal Access box.

The client will receive an email from with instructions to set up their account.

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